Implant-supported prosthesis for marginal mandibulectomy: a case report

  • Ruchir Kalra Post graduate student, India.
  • Rakshith Hegde
  • Manoj Shetty


Background This case report describes the prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient who underwent mandibulectomy, with the help of osseointegrated dental implants.

Case report A 22-year old female patient came to the observation following segmental resection of the mandible owing to an odontogenic myxoma requesting implant-suppoterd prosthetic rehabilitation.

Conclusion The use of endosseous implants for supporting the prosthesis is viable treatment plan when the residual anatomy is not capable of fulfilling the functions of retention, stability and support.


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Implant prosthodontics, Odontogenic myxoma, Marginal mandibulectomy
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Received 2018-10-25
Published 2019-06-27

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Kalra, R., Hegde, R., & Shetty, M. (2019). Implant-supported prosthesis for marginal mandibulectomy: a case report. Journal of Osseointegration.