Histology of a dental implant with a platform switched implant-abutment connection

Submitted: 8 June 2017
Accepted: 8 June 2017
Published: 30 October 2011
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Background Peri-implant crestal bone must be stable for aesthetic reasons. Aim of this study was a histologic analysis of an implant with a platform switched implant-abutment connection. A 32-year-old male patient participated in this study. The patient needed a bilateral mandibular restoration. Four implants were used, and were immediately restored and loaded the same day of insertion. After a 6 weeks healing period, one implant with platform-switched abutment was retrieved with trephine. Before retrieval the implant was osseointegrated and not mobile. On one side of the implant, a 1 mm resorption of the crestal bone was present. On the contrary, on the other side no bone resorption had occurred and about 1 mm of bone was present over the implant shoulder. The bone-implant contact percentage was 65.1 ± 6.3 %. Platform- switching could help in maintaining the height of the peri-implant crestal bone.

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Degidi, M., Perrotti, V., Piattelli, A., Shibli, J. A., & Iezzi, G. (2011). Histology of a dental implant with a platform switched implant-abutment connection. Journal of Osseointegration, 3(3), 56–60. https://doi.org/10.23805/jo.2011.03.03.02


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