Techniques for retrieving the fractured abutment screws in screw-or cementretained implant-supported prostheses. A systematic review

Submitted: 25 March 2024
Accepted: 5 June 2024
Published: 21 June 2024
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Aim In implant dentistry, broken abutment screws in implant-supported prostheses constitute a difficult problem that demands exact retrieval methods for effective management. This systematic review intends to evaluate several extraction techniques for fractured abutment screws, with a focus on technology integration, retention method implications, heat management, and efficient abutment screw fracture categorization.

Material and methods This systematic review encompassed a comprehensive analysis of various methodologies employed for fractured abutment screw retrieval in both screwand cement-retained implant-supported prostheses, integrating studies from 2010 to October 2023. To conduct the search, relevant keywords and controlled vocabulary were used in databases including PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, Google Scholar, and Cochrane. With terms like "Abutment Screw", "Dental Implant Screw", “Fractured Abutment Screw,” and “Abutment Screw Retrieval,” the search was limited to papers published between 2010 and October 2023 to ensure thorough coverage. 18 studies were reviewed, and a total of 86 publications were initially found.

Results The review uncovered developments in the integration of technology, consequences of retention procedures, efficient heat management tactics, specialized therapeutic treatments, preservation methods, and non-invasive retrieval techniques.

Conclusions For fractured abutment screw retrieval to be successful in implant dentistry, innovative technology, cautious retention technique selection, and good heat management strategies, among other factors, are essential. The conclusions highlight the necessity for accuracy, flexibility, and patient-centred treatment while also highlighting the significance of continued research to improve patient outcomes.

Banerjee, S., Banerjee, T. N., Debnath, A., & Paul, P. (2024). Techniques for retrieving the fractured abutment screws in screw-or cementretained implant-supported prostheses. A systematic review. Journal of Osseointegration, 16(2), 121–129.


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